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LOUPI products, recognized for their performance, are regularly used by installers and lighting professionals, in France and beyond our borders.

LOUPI is a LED lighting trailblazer, enriched by 40 years of expertise in this burgeoning technology. The technologies and hardware are constantly evolving; LOUPI remains at the forefront of the industry, testing and experimenting constantly to find new solutions for new configurations.

Thanks to the experience accumulated by its employees, LOUPI supports its clients in the design and manufacture of lighting that fits their exacting needs. More than a supplier, LOUPI is a partner to its customers: the support team dimension is inherent in our vision.

By listening to market demands and the expectations of its customers, LOUPI knows how to respond and adapt to each circumstance by either choosing the solution from our existing line of products or developing custom solutions.

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The design and manufacture of innovative LED lighting solutions is at the heart of LOUPI Lighting Systems’ DNA. In the earliest stages, LOUPI initiates an R & D process for each project in its laboratory, then triggers the production, a logical industrial process. LOUPI’s innovative capacity lies in the development and integration of technologies in the most efficient manner possible, with a constant search for efficiency, simplicity, economy and energy performance. LED lighting has evolved in a variety of ways, and LOUPI is committed to staying abreast of this constant flow of research and innovation.

Its expertise and mastery of the production cycle is based on 40 years of LED expertise and a rigorous commitment to quality, which focuses on the entirety of the production chain. At the head of its production stream is its research and development department composed of engineers and skilled technicians. Downstream, LOUPI deploys its innovation effort in all aspects and at all stages of the production of its LED lighting solutions. An exemplary organization, in terms of design, manufacture and marketing of products for architectural lighting, allowing LOUPI to respond to all of its clients’ requests.

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LOUPI solutions and products combine technological performance and discretion. The efficiency of LED lighting helps to minimize the size of the light source, while optimizing its impact: a miniaturization that allows great versatility in facilities, while varying the maximum illumination angles and light intensities. With their mastery of the techniques involved--electricity and light but also mechanical--LOUPI experts are able to design and manufacture custom light fixtures for the most ambitious projects.

In addition, selection and integration of advanced components allows designers to develop LOUPI models fully in-house, resulting in highly sophisticated lighting products for superior quality light.

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