Square mini mat 1 c   mc001ach p MAT 1C
Square mini mat 1c 2   mc201 MAT 1C-2
Square mini mat 4c    mc004 MAT 4C
Square mini mat 6c   mc006 MAT 6C
Square mini mat micro   mm001ach p Micro Mast
Square mini mat 2 c   mc002ach p 2C Mast
Square mini mat 3 c   mc003ach p 3C Mast
Square mini spot d8   sd008 SPOT D8
Square mini micro d   sd000 MICRO D
Square mini mini d   sd002 MINI D
Square mini spot d   sd001 SPOT D
Square mini spot d12   sd012 SPOT D12
Square mini spot l5   sl005 SPOT L5
Square mini ceiling spot 010   cs010 CEILING SPOT 010
Square mini micro c   sc000abk p Micro C
Square mini spot c   sc001abk p Spot C
Square mini spot c5   sc005awh p Spot C5
Square mini mini c   sc002abk p MINI C
Square mini insert 1   in001aal p INSERT 1
Square mini insert 00 carre   orientable   in000cowh p Insert 00 Adjustable square - 700
Square mini insert 00 rond orientable   in000roal p Insert 00 Adjustable round - 700
Square mini insert 10 carre   fixe   in010cfwh p Insert 10 Fixed square
Square mini insert 10 carre  orientable   in010coal p INSERT 10 Adjustable Square
Square mini insert 10 rond fixe   in010rfal p INSERT 10 Fixed Round
Square mini insert 10 rond orientable   in010roal p INSERT 10 Adjustable Round
Square mini micro d slim   sd000 s MICRO D SLIM
Square mini spot d   sd001 SPOT D SLIM
Square mini mini d slim   sd002 s MINI D SLIM
Square mini spot d8 slim   sd008 s SPOT D8 SLIM
Square mini spot d12 slim   sd012 s SPOT D12 SLIM
Square mini spot l5 piccolo   sl005 p SPOT L5 PICCOLO
Square mini rail slim   ra002 RAIL SLIM
Square mini micro c piccolo   sc000pbk p Micro C PICCOLO
Square mini spot c piccolo   sc001pbk p Spot C PICCOLO
Square mini spot c5 piccolo   sc005pbk p Spot C5 PICCOLO
Square mini rail piccolo   ra001pbk p RAIL PICCOLO
Square mini mini c piccolo   sc002pwh p MINI C PICCOLO
Square mini line 30   li030aal p Line 030
Square mini line 70   li070awh p Line 070
Square mini line 93   li093aal p Line 093
Square mini line 240   li240abk p Line 240
Square mini line 300   li300aal p Line 300
Square mini line ks2740   liks1aal p Line KS2740
Square mini line ks2755   liks2aal p Line KS2755
Square mini line 021 fixe   li021fal Line 021 Fixed
Square mini line 021 orientable   li021fal p Line 021 Adjustable
Square mini line p36   lip36fwh p Line P36 Fixed
Square mini line p36 orientable  lip36oal Line P36 Adjustable
Square mini line micro c new   limc1 Line Micro
Square mini spot c e   sc001ebk p Spot C-O

40 years of experience in France

Concours Lépine, 1976: Fabien Poutignat, Entrepreneur, received a medal for his "Electronic Jewel" model, which would evolve into an electronic broach in 1977. It was the beginning of the adventure of the famous Pins made by LOUPI, and a 40-year history with the LED, in all its forms and all its applications: embedded electronic systems for POS marketing in the 90s, and by 2001, LED lighting design and production through its dedicated branch, LOUPI lighting Systems.

Today LOUPI and its teams are ready to support and amplify the planned expansion of the LED, which is becoming the light source of the future: more sustainable, less energy hungry, more powerful and flexible, it is even becoming a new Internet transport vector.

LOUPI, strengthened by 40 years of research, development, and integration, is taking an active part in advancing these techniques, and applying its expertise to the service of its customers.

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