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With its high-performance luminous flux, this small recessed LED combines high-quali- ty lighting with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. This Loupi recessed light combine superbly unfussy design with a compact form factor. It is simple, compact, and incon- spicuous, but uses advanced technology. The light is very easy to fit in shop windows, display units, and other small spaces.



  • PMMA acrylic lens, efficiency ~90 %.
  • Bining Luminous Flux : 200 lumens to 700 mA.
  • Color Temperature: 2400 K to 5000 K.
  • Service Range :  70 % of nominal flux after 50 000 hours.
  • Color Rendering Index: CRI 80 or CRI 90


  • Supply current from 0 to 700 mA.
  • Supply connection  : polarised output wires.
  • Electrical load 2.1W max, excluding supply.
  • Electrical Classification : Class III SELV device.


  • Dimensions :  Diameter 44mm, Overall Height 28mm.
  • Weight: 131gr
  • Adjustable to a total angle of 50°.
  • Operating temperature : -5° +40°
  • ROHS components.
  • Interior use only.


  • Electrolytic treatment available.
  • Guaranteed 3 years.


  • Applications

    Pictos applications 27 Pictos applications 28 Pictos applications 31 Pictos applications 34
  • Colors

  • Color temperatures

  • Degrees

    INSERT 1 also available with an angle of 10° INSERT 1 also available with an angle of 18° INSERT 1 also available with an angle of 28° INSERT 1 also available with an angle of 40° INSERT 1 also available with an angle of 0°
  • Norms and standards

    INSERT 1 applicable standards IP 40 INSERT 1 applicable standards Classe 3 INSERT 1 applicable standards EN 62471 INSERT 1 applicable standards EN 60598-1 INSERT 1 applicable standards EN 60598-2 INSERT 1 applicable standards CE INSERT 1 applicable standards ETL

40 years of experience in France

Concours Lépine, 1976: Fabien Poutignat, Entrepreneur, received a medal for his "Electronic Jewel" model, which would evolve into an electronic broach in 1977. It was the beginning of the adventure of the famous Pins made by LOUPI, and a 40-year history with the LED, in all its forms and all its applications: embedded electronic systems for POS marketing in the 90s, and by 2001, LED lighting design and production through its dedicated branch, LOUPI lighting Systems.

Today LOUPI and its teams are ready to support and amplify the planned expansion of the LED, which is becoming the light source of the future: more sustainable, less energy hungry, more powerful and flexible, it is even becoming a new Internet transport vector.

LOUPI, strengthened by 40 years of research, development, and integration, is taking an active part in advancing these techniques, and applying its expertise to the service of its customers.

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