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Hotels & Tertiary

Solution d'éclairage à LED pour Hotels & Tertiary

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LOUPI Lighting Systems creates and provides LED lighting solutions adapted to the challenges of professionals in hospitality, commercial property management, commercial spaces, or even facility management. LED lights are initially recognized for their quality, the high level of visual comfort they provide to occupants, and their durability and low energy use, synonymous with low operating costs. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), optimized return on investment (ROI) guaranteed: LED-based systems bring a significant reduction in operating costs.

LED Lighting: to serve architecture and the user

Compact size, maximum efficiency: the user can choose from a full range of LOUPI solutions to create an aesthetic atmosphere adaptable to any space configuration. LOUPI installations, discreetly located, reveal and enhance the architecture of a place by defining and designing volumes and spaces ...

Finally, beyond the aesthetic, architectural, economic or environmental, investment in quality lighting also creates an intangible but quantifiable return: the well-being of users and employees is also a parameter to be reckoned with !

The expertise of the LED specialist

LOUPI accompanies architects, real estate professionals and operators in the implementation of their project based on its expertise in lighting commercial buildings of any kind and any size: hotels, commercial buildings, cinemas, shopping centers. Thanks to its mastery of the production chain, LOUPI Lighting Systems provides the hardware necessary for all configurations, and gives them an extra touch of comfort, quality and research.

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