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Museums & Exhibitions

Solution d'éclairage à LED pour Museums & Exhibitions

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In exhibition areas, permanent or temporary, the light design has several functions: though first it serves the works it highlights, it also attends to the general lighting atmosphere and must meet strict conditions of performance and safety. Finally, the lighting must also be thought through in terms of conservation constraints.

The lighting of an exhibition space should thus be conceived as a triptych, which supports the visual comfort of visitors, the scenography of the space, and the exhibited works along with their preservation.

A wise blend of efficiency and scenographic quality

The LED lighting solutions developed by LOUPI fit these requirements ideally. Reduced size, modularity, and performance: all characteristics that make it a reference solution for museum needs, both from the perspective of the overall lighting and the focused lighting of a specific exhibited work.

Reinforced by its expertise in the field, LOUPI Lighting Systems teams with conservators, professional set designers or lighting designers to provide robust, discrete, and efficient solutions dedicated to creating unique places.

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