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Solution d'éclairage à LED pour Retail

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The lighting design, as much as architecture or sound design, is a key element of the attractiveness and dynamism of all commercial spaces and environments. The conceptualization and implementation of a successful commercial lighting design must meet many requirements: performance, installation flexibility and ease of use, functionality. LED lighting is the future of retail and all point of sale lighting: the electronics available and the efficiency of the LED source make it possible to envision the creation of an evolutionary and communicative "smart light": Li-Fi or data transmission by visible light (VLC), "visible light communication," is now available and opens a broad field of new possibilities.

LED lighting: the present and the future of retail design

LED technology is the vector of the future ... if the fundamentals are respected. With LOUPI, components and elements of your system are carefully selected, manufactured and assembled: 40 years of experience strong in marketing and point of sale, LOUPI provides valuable expertise. Advice, assistance in choosing the solutions, expertise in the design and manufacture: LOUPI is your dedicated partner for 100% LED lighting.

For a dynamic lighting environment

LOUPI lighting products add value by improving the color rendering, structuring spaces and volumes, and enhancing the overall environment of the selling space ... thus prompting consumers to spend more time there.

Our LED lighting solutions are also distinguished by their performance--low energy use, longevity--which can significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize return on investment (ROI).

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